Living a Richer Life

“Every day in every way
our lives our lives are richer
and deeper with faith and joy and love for all of nature
and mankind. In this beautiful world of ours
this is the lesson we must learn in order
to live in harmony with one another. “

~ Channeling by Jean Quinn


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When We Go Home

“The illusion of death
Is nothing to fear
Life everlasting,
Is more than just a dream,
Our loved ones and friends,
Are alive waiting there,
Preparing a place,
When we go home,
The light shining bright
Up the spiral we’ll go
Into the beauty of all those we know,
The legacy given to us in this time,
Is to not be afraid,
The wonder of life is one step along.”

~ Channeling by Jean Quinn

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The Sweetness of Rose

“To see, to find,
the one you love
begins within a dream,
then the dream comes into light
all the world seems
a brighter, happy loving space.
Then the dance begins,
Swirling, whirling lovely skirts
and the dance of love goes on and on.”

~ Channeling by Jean Quinn

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Fragrance of Lavender

“Lavender is a gentle fragrance
that fills your senses
with quiet peace.

Healing both the mind and body
so our Spirit can release all the
darkness within us and brings in
light and tranquility.”

~ Channeling by Jean Quinn

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The Butterfly Flight

“Hold your hand out lightly
a butterfly will come
and nestle in your palm.
His wings will gently flutter
and whisper to you…. love.”

~ Channeling by Jean Quinn

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The Story of the Uniting of Three, the Trinity of…

The Story of the Uniting of Three the Trinity of Self and Selves Parents and Child.

Soon to be Parents or parents with small children often come to Jean for a reading. For soon to be parents they ask for guidance or message(s) from the Spirit of the Unborn Child.  When Jean tunes into the unborn Child  and Parents during a Consultation she receives impressions for example;

The colors indigo, white and orange stand out. They represent: psychic faculty,  spiritual and the gift of healing….

Jean further elaborates:

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Eerie Pennsylvania Restaurant and Psychic Jean Quinn

Eerie Pennsylvania Restaurant

The General Wayne Inn: Home to Ghostly Happenings

May 16, 2007
Article by Jill Stefko

In the 1700s, the inn was a tavern offering lodging, a post office and general store. It was a stop for wagons and stage coaches. Luminaries of the Revolutionary Era dined at the inn. Washington and Lafayette slept there. The establishment was a polling place in the 1800s. In 1795, when General “Mad” Anthony Wayne returned to the inn for a 3-day celebration of his successful campaign against the AmerIndians, the establishment was named in his honor.

Ghosts of the General Wayne Inn

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