Eerie Pennsylvania Restaurant and Psychic Jean Quinn

Eerie Pennsylvania Restaurant

The General Wayne Inn: Home to Ghostly Happenings

May 16, 2007
Article by Jill Stefko

In the 1700s, the inn was a tavern offering lodging, a post office and general store. It was a stop for wagons and stage coaches. Luminaries of the Revolutionary Era dined at the inn. Washington and Lafayette slept there. The establishment was a polling place in the 1800s. In 1795, when General “Mad” Anthony Wayne returned to the inn for a 3-day celebration of his successful campaign against the AmerIndians, the establishment was named in his honor.

Ghosts of the General Wayne Inn

  • The Hessians did not know about a secret tunnel built for escape during the Revolution. A Hessian soldier went to the cellar to get wine and was killed by revolutionaries hiding there. His body was interred in the tunnel. In 1848, a woman went to the cellar to get a box of new ballots. She told her supervisor that she saw a soldier in a green coat. Hessians wore green uniforms. This was included in the official report to the Board of Election. While the tunnel may be a legend, the sighting of the Hessian ghost is not. More than one Hessian haunts the building.
  • There is a ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier. One employee saw a disembodied head on a chest. Another ghost shakes the glasses in the bar. Possible this is the same one who threw over 100 napkins on the floor during the night. Strange sounds include bangings and footsteps. People who sit on the stools have felt the boards vibrate from the footsteps. Lights flicker mysteriously. Chairs and tables were toppled in a locked upstairs room. Towels were tossed about in the kitchen. Women have felt something blow on their necks while they were seated at the bar.
  • In the late 1960s, a man was going to get his coat from the cloakroom when a black specter grabbed his hand and tried to pull him to the floor.
  • Barton Johnson bought the inn in 1970. In 1978, psychic Jean Quinn contacted him to [read entire article]
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