The Story of the Uniting of Three, the Trinity of…

The Story of the Uniting of Three the Trinity of Self and Selves Parents and Child.

Soon to be Parents or parents with small children often come to Jean for a reading. For soon to be parents they ask for guidance or message(s) from the Spirit of the Unborn Child.  When Jean tunes into the unborn Child  and Parents during a Consultation she receives impressions for example;

The colors indigo, white and orange stand out. They represent: psychic faculty,  spiritual and the gift of healing….

Jean further elaborates:

These energies of the child must be channeled in appropriate way by parents. The parents have a responsibility to seek out an understanding of why child is being born to them. She suggests that the parents set aside quiet time to meditate with the unborn child.  Next, to write down impressions they receive because it is like a Trinity of energy; the Child, Mom and Dad.

In most cases plans for this birth and agreements have been made long before the birth by each others Souls. Even in cases where the child is with handicap(s), an agreement has been made on a higher level. When or if the parents can’t carry through on an agreement regarding the child, the child will leave by death,  taken care of by another family or in other instances another Soul enters the child’s body, this is known as a Walk-In.

Occasionally, a Child’s Soul slips in without realizing or it is not totally beneficial to the parents or child and circumstances, thereby an early intervention will arise through death or some situation and the Child’s Soul departs.

Jean states, “There is always a Divine Plan with many windows or possibilities in which things can be altered so greater harmony is brought for both the Child’s life and Parents.”


If you are about to be new parents or have just become parents, consider getting a Reading with Jean to gain insight and understanding about the unborn Child, or new born child;  its potentials, energies and other relevant information.

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